Zoo photographs - Rome 2007

Bioparco (Rome zoo), Italy. May 2007. Bioparco homepage (in Italian)

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Birds. Lots of different kind of birds in Bioparco.

Bird     Bird     Bird     Bird     Bird
Bird     Bird     Bird     Peacock     Bird

More birds: Korkeasaari, Ähtäri 2001, Ranua 2003, Eskilstuna 2002

Tigers, lion, wolves and bear.

Tiger     Tiger lying     Male lion sleeping     Male lion paw
Wolf     Wolf     Bear

More tigers: Kolmården 2000, 2002, Barcelona 2000
White tigers: Eskilstuna 2002
More lions: Shanghai 2006, Kolmården 2000, Barcelona 2000
More wolf-photographs: Ranua 2003, Ähtäri 2002, 2001
More bears: Kolmården 2002, Ähtäri 2001


Reptile     Reptile     Reptile     Reptile     Snake

Other animals and statues. Elephants, giraffe, camel, turtle, primates and others.

Statues     Monkey         Elephant habitat     Elephant
Two frogs     Monkey     Giraffe     Camel

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