Zoo photographs - Ähtäri 2002

Ähtäri zoo (Ähtärin eläinpuisto), Finland. September 2002. Ähtäri zoo homepage (Fin)

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Lynxes. First picture on second row: Small lynx is disguising quite well to the ground.

Lynx     Lynx     Lynx
2 lynxes     2 lynxes

More lynxes: Ähtäri 2001, Korkeasaari

Wolves. First picture: Cubs have found something extremely interesting (and invisible to human eye :-) from the ground. Last picture: Playful fighting.

6 wolves     Wolf     Wolf
2 wolves     2 wolves

More wolf-photos: Ranua 2003, Ähtäri 2001, Skansen 2001, Kolmården 2002

Other animals.

Bird     Bird         Moose

More birds: Korkeasaari, Ähtäri 2001, Ranua 2003, Eskilstuna 2002

More Ähtäri-photographs: 2001

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