Welcome to one of the biggest section of my homepage. I've always liked photographing and especially photographing animals and nature. This is just a hobby, but I've but I guess that total number of photographs I've taken might be nearing 6 figure number. Over 3000 photos with film camera only, and after getting digital camera amount of photos exploded. However, only tiny fraction of my photos are here. Most of my digital SLR photos are uploaded to event related websites.


Nokia My Nokia phone pictures. Just because I loved that camera in Nokia N8 and 808.

All the photos here are completely original, fullsize photos.

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Here's my old photographs. Many of them are taken with film camera and then scanned from paper photos. So technical quality may not be mind blowing, but good photos still. Some of my own favorites are here, like that tiger cub in zoo photos below.

Scroll down and click a category you wish to view. There is also list of 10 most often viewed photographs and 8 random photographs.


Nature Landscapes, sunsets, animals, plants etc.

26 + 6 photos serie, total size of thumbnails 182 kB.

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Macro Lots of different, small bugs.

16 photos, total size of thumbnails 66 kB.

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Zoo Lots of pictures from many zoos I have visited. Mostly my favourites, big cats.

13 subdirectories.

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Cats Domestic cats from many different cat exhibitions.

42 photos, total size of thumbnails 182 kB.

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Dogs Dogs from dog shows and outside.

22 photos, total size of thumbnails 92 kB.

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Horses Ponies, horses, portraits, jump-photos etc.

37 photos, total size of thumbnails 186 kB.

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Ice sculptures

Ice sculptures Ice sculptures from international and national competitions.

2 subdirectories.

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Miscellaneous Night pictures, fireworks, partial solar eclipse and some others.

16 photos, total size of thumbnails 52 kB.

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