Horse photographs

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National pony show in Vermo, 2003. First picture: Best in Show.

Pony, best in show     Horse head     Horse head     Horse head
Pony     Pony     Pony

National pony show in Vermo, 2005. Second picture in second row: My favourite of these 7 photographs. It's nice that pony is still wathing at the camera while shaking his head.

Pony wathing camera     Pony yawning     Pony
Pony     Pony shaking     Pony     Pony

Falabellas, world's smallest horse breed (not ponies). These two are only Falabellas in Finland (Rehndahl domestic animal farm). Heights of these two horses are only 72cm (28 inches) and 80cm (31 inches). First picture: Stallion called Chali. Second picture: Mare called Bahia.

Falabella Chali     Falabella Bahia

Horses in Iitti, Finland (Arvilan ratsutila). First picture: Love Me Tender ("Eikka") and Hogby ("Hökke"). Second picture: Vauhti-Monni ("Monni") and Arvilan Butterscotch ("Kermis"). Two last pictures: Mare Marttilan Rosalinda ("Linda") and foal Arvilan Princess My Life ("Prinsessa").

2 white horses     2 horses     Mare nursing     Horse in country landscape

More horses in Arvilan ratsutila (2005-2007).

White horse head     2 horses     Brown horse     Curious horse
Horse and 2 ponies     Horse and birds     2 ponies     Foal

Keskipihan hevostila, Nilsiä, Finland. Second picture: Shetland pony "Sändi". Two last pictures: Mare "Vieno" and her foal "Voima".

Horseback riders     Shetland pony     Foal     Mare

Other photos.

Horse head     2 horses     Horse head     Horse jump     Horse jump

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