Macro photographs

Some macro-photographs I have taken. Most of these photos are taken with normal close up -lenses. Some of these are taken by holding objective "wrong way" at front of camera. (So that outer lens is pointing to camera and inner lens is pointing to target.)

(Click images to see them in full size.)

Flying bugs. First row: Bumblebees and flower flies. Second row: Flies, mosquito and moth. Third row: Two unknown flying bugs on my balcony windows. Second picture on second row (fly on birch leaf): One of my favourite macros. Details are great, stripes and hair in back, muscles in feets etc. Last picture on second row (moth): This bug was sitting on other side of glass window and therefore image is a venter side of that bug.

Bumblebee     Bumblebee     Flower fly     Flower fly
Fly     Fly     Mosquito     Moth venter
Unknown flying bug     Unknown flying bug


Butterfly     Butterfly

Other bugs. Grasshopper, ant with piece of sugar, tiny worm that was about 1 centimeter (0,4 inches) long in nature and one unknown bug.

Grasshopper     Ant     Worm     Bug

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