Nature photographs

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Landscapes. First and second picture: Pictures from Lauttasaari (Helsinki, Finland) during summer and winter. During that winter day, sky was so gray that picture looks almost like black & white. Especially when compared to that bright summer day. Third picture: Iitti, Finland. Last picture: Mountains somewhere between Spain and Finland.

Lauttasaari, Helsinki     Lauttasaari, Helsinki     Iitti     Mountains

Sun. Sunsets are good targets for photographs, they always look beautiful :-)

Sunset     Water and Sky     Sunset     Sunset

Birds. Swans, bullfinch, magpie and one poor fellow that was accidentally dropped from it's nest. It wasn't even able to fly yet.

Swan     Swans
Bullfinch     Magpie     Bird

Squirrels. First picture: Squirrel is hanging upside down on tree and eating carrot :-)

Squirrel     Squirrel

Ruska. There isn't any actual word in English language for Finnish word 'ruska' (as far as I know). Anyway, ruska means these glowing colors that comes to leafs during autumn before leafs drops.

Ruska     Ruska     Ruska

Tree around year.

May 21 June 2 July 3 September 16 October 9 February 23
21.5. 2.6. 3.7. 16.9. 9.10. 23.2.

Other pictures. First picture in second row: If you know why ice has taken that kind of circular shapes, please tell it to me too :-)   Last picture: Mini icebergs, proving it is true that what you see above surface is just a small part of whole iceberg :-)

Tree     Cold     Bird tracks
Ice     Icebergs

Death is part of life. Sometimes it comes surprisingly (and brutally), like to these unlucky creatures. First picture: Bird killed by a car. Second picture: Frog that is most probably killed by some vehicle, one of the legs is almost teared off. Ants are eating corpse. Third picture: I don't know what is happened to this bumblebee that was standing at the middle of road. Its right wing is broken and one leg is missing. Also, is seemed to have some tiny translucent worm in its head?

Dead bird     Dead frog with ants     Dead bumblebee

Bugs: See my macro photographs.

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