Cat photographs

Photographs I have taken from various cat exhibitions in Finland. I also have some photos of my own pet cat (Fin)

(Click images to see them in full size.)

Surok 2003. Surok homepage (Fin)

Cat     Cat     Cat     White Bengal
Cat     2 sleepy cats     Yawning cat     Yawning cat

Rurok 2003. Rurok homepage (Fin)

Cat     Bengal     Cat     Cat
Cat     Cat     2 curious cats
Ocicat     Cat     Cat

Rurok 2004. Last picture in first row: This looks a bit like some old painting with faded colors. Last picture in second row: Nice eyes :-)   Last picture in third row: I like the expressions on their faces.

Cat     Cat     Cat
Smile     Sleepy cat     Cat
Smile     3 sleepy cats     2 cats

Surok 2004. Third picture: About 3 months old Korat cub, called Matti. This is one of my all time favourite cat photos :-)   Last picture in second row: This Bengal really knew how to relax.

Cat playing with toy     Cat     Cute small cat     2 cats
Cat     Yawning cat     3 sleepy cats     Bengal relaxing
Cat     Cat     Greenish

Other photographs. First picture: That expression on cat's face is great! Last picture: Devil? Flash added that impression by making eyes glow.

White Bengal cat     Bengal cats     Black cat     Devil cat

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