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Amur tigers. First picture: That face is just beautiful, Imo.

Beautiful tiger face     Tiger     Tiger     Tiger
Tigers snarling     Tigers fighting friendly     Tigers
Tiger     Tiger paw

More tigers: Kolmården 2000, 2002, Barcelona 2000
White tigers: Eskilstuna 2002

Asian lions. Third picture: Male lion is enjoying last sunshine before winter.

Male lion face     Male lion face     Autumn-lion     Male lion face
Lioness     Sun-lion     Male lion yawning

More lions: Shanghai 2006, Kolmården 2000, Barcelona 2000

Amur leopards. Critically endangered animal, only about 30-50 of these lives in wild :-(

Leopard     Leopard licking paw     Leopard profile
Leopard licking itself     Leopard     Leopard face

More leopards: Eskilstuna 2002

Snow leopards. Korkeasaari has succeeded in breeding snow leopards, over 100 have been born there. Snow leopard is also emblem of Korkeasaari. Snow leopards have really beautiful eyes :-)   Last picture: What a fake yawn that another one have :-)

Snow leopard     Snow leopard     Snow leopard face
2 snow leopards     Snow leopard     Snow leopards fake yawning

Lynxes. First picture: One of my very first lynx-photographs but still my favorite. This lynx was sitting just about 2-3 meters away, just watching me (and smiling, Imo ;-) while I put my camera ready. After taking this photo we just watched each other for a while. Fortunately it was cold winter day and there wasn't very much people in zoo so anyone didn't came to disturb us :-)

Cute lynx     Lynx
Dark lynx     Lynx walking

More lynxes: Ähtäri 2001, 2002

Yawning big cats. Female lion, tiger (missing fang), lynx and snow leopard.

Female lion yawning     Tiger yawning     Lynx yawning     Snow leopard yawning

Big cats staring at photographer. Female lion, male tiger and snow leopard. That lion is my favourite of these :-)

Female lion staring at photographer     Tiger staring at photographer     Snow leopard staring at photographer

Birds. Last picture: There's two animals in this picture, find another...

Eagle     Eagle owl     Vulture
Bird in dark     Bird in dark     Bird with prey

More birds: Rome 2007, Ähtäri 2001, Ranua 2003, Eskilstuna 2002

Other animals. First row: Baboon, camel, fallow deer and przewalski's horse. Second row: Wolverine, striped grass mouses, dwarf mongooses and white lipped tree viper. Second picture: That camel is probably most stupid looking animal I've seen for a long time.

Baboon     Stupid looking camel     Fallow deer     Przewalski's horse
Wolverine     Striped grass mouse     Dwarf mongoose     White lipped tree viper

By night. Korkeasaari isn't open during night unless there is some special occasion. Most of these photos are from annual "cat's night" event. Second picture: Small lookout tower, Helsinki-city at background.

Colorlights     Lookout tower     Restaurant     Plants     Lion eating meat

I have separated page where I follow big cats (tiger, lion, snow leopard and lynx) cubs growing from "kittens" to adults in Korkeasaari. All those photographs are collected to Kissalaakson pennut -page (Fin)   Page itself is written in Finnish but that doesn't prevent watching pictures :-)

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