Zoo photographs - Barcelona 2000

Barcelona zoo, Spain. December 2000. Barcelona zoo homepage

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Only white gorilla in the world, called Snowflake (Copito de Nieve). Mating with black gorilla in second picture.

White gorilla     White gorilla mating

There's also other white animals in Barcelona Zoo, here is white peacock.

White peacock

Sumatran tigers. I don't know what is going on in picture number 2 but number 3 is quite clear ;-)

Tiger     Tiger     Tigers mating

More tigers: Korkeasaari, Kolmården 2000, 2002
White tigers: Eskilstuna 2002

Lions. Like tigers, lions also had quite big but rocky area where they were living.

2 lions     2 lions

More lions: Korkeasaari, Shanghai 2006, Kolmården 2000

Cheetah. Really beautiful animal! When looking that body, it's no wonder that it can run faster than 100 km/h.

Cheetah     Cheetah     Cheetah

More cheetahs: Eskilstuna 2002

Other big cats (snow leopard, cougar, black panther, lynx and jaguar). Unlike tigers, lions and cheetah, these cats had quite small cages :-(

Snow leopard     Cougar (puma)     Black panther     Lynx     Jaguar

More snow leopards and lynxes: Korkeasaari
More black panthers: Eskilstuna 2002
More lynxes: Ähtäri 2001, 2002

Elephant and domestic cat :-)   (This photo was also published in Lemmikki-magazine.)

Elephant and domestic cat

Other animals.

Reptile     Reptile     Snake
Flamingo     Bird     Bird
        Hippo     Rhino
2 giraffes            

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