Zoo photographs - Eskilstuna 2002

Parken zoo, Eskilstuna, Sweden. July 2002. Parken zoo homepage

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White tigers. Seeing these was my main reason to come to Parken zoo. Really beautiful animals!

(Note that white tigers are not albinos, they are just Bengal tigers with white fur background color instead of normal yellow-orange-brown color. Albino tigers would be totally white and therefore wouldn't have any visible stripes.)

White tiger face     White tiger walking     White tiger walking
White tiger     White tiger sleeping

Normal colored tigers: Korkeasaari, Kolmården 2000, 2002, Barcelona 2000


Leopard in grass     Leopard walking     Leopard sleeping     Leopard

More leopards: Korkeasaari


Cheetah walking     Cheetah walking     Cheetah walking     Cheetah lie

More cheetahs: Barcelona 2000

Black panther and cougar.

Black panther     Black panther     Cougar (Mountain lion)


Peacock     Peacock     Peacock head close-up

Other birds. Weird colored flamingo in first picture.

Flamingo     Bird     Bird

More birds: Rome 2007, Korkeasaari, Ähtäri 2001, Ranua 2003

Other animals. Picture on left: Monkeys catched a crow which died quickly in their rough handling.

Monkeys and crow                

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