Zoo photographs - Ranua 2003

Ranua zoo, Finland. August 2003. Ranua zoo homepage

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Wolves. Adults in first row, cubs on second.

Wolf     Wolf     Wolf     Wolf
Wolf cub     Wolf cub     2 wolf cubs     Wolf cub
Wolf family

More wolf-photographs: Ähtäri 2002, 2001, Skansen 2001, Kolmården 2002


Red fox     Red fox     Red and black fox


Lynx     Lynx cub playing

More lynxes: Ähtäri 2001, 2002, Korkeasaari

Polar bear. These polar bears in Ranua zoo are only polar bears in Finland. I only saw this one, who really liked his blue ball. Third picture: Polar bear pushed ball deep under water and then released it, causing ball to jump high to the air.

Polar bear     Polar bear shaking water off     Polar bear splashing water with ball
Polar bear with ball     Polar bear with ball     Polar bear showing ball trick

More polar bears: Kolmården 2002

Birds. Eagle, crow, hawk and owl. Another crow in Ranua (not the one on picture) was probably most intelligent bird I have ever met. I didn't only talk, but it also played with me with a wooden stick for a while.

Eagle     Crow     Hawk     Owl

More birds: Rome 2007, Korkeasaari, Ähtäri 2001, Eskilstuna 2002

Other pictures. Bear, wolverine and close-up of eagle claws.

Bear     Wolverine     Eagle claws

More bears: Kolmården 2002, Ähtäri 2001

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