Zoo photographs - Kolmården 1998

Kolmården zoo, Sweden. August 1998. Kolmården zoo homepage

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Waterfall     Savannah

Dolphinarium. It was quite dark here, that's why some of my photos totally failed. (And it was real reflex-test to try to take photo of dolphin that jump out from the water :-)

Dolphin jump     3 dolphins jump

More dolphins: Kolmården 2002


2 reptiles     Reptile     Bird

Safaripark. I had to take these photos through car window so most of photos failed because of reflections. And camera tried to set focus to car window all the time (old camera, no manual focus possible).

Safari     Safari

Actual Kolmården animal park.

Bear     2 polar bears     2 tigers     Tiger
2 elephants     2 rhinos         Giraffe
Birds         Gorilla

People with animals.

Elephantride     Camelride

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