Free Java applets

Note that all these applets are at least 5 years old and I do not support them any more. So all programs on this page are provided "as-is".

I have collected some of my small but useful Java-applets to this page and made them freely downloadable. If you feel that you could use some of these applets on your own homepage, feel free to download them and use them on your own webpage (*)   If you want, you can give credits to me somewhere in your homepage.

If you haven't used Java-applets before on your webpage or you are not sure how to use them, then it's maybe good to read applet info first. And before you download any applets, read applet-pages help.

Navigation & Links

Go Small navigation menu. Useful if you have lots of links but not very much of space.
AvoidingLink Makes link to avoid mouse pointer. Don't make clicking link too easy ;-)

Text scrollers

DotMatrix Dot matrix textscroller. This is same applet that one on my main page.
HScroll Scroll text horizontally.
VScroll Scroll text vertically.

Text & Text effects

Clock Show current local time on screen and on browser's status bar.
Shaking This makes letters of any text to shake randomly. It just looks funnier than normal static text.


PicShow Create slideshow of your pictures to your web page.
PicLock Really simple applet that lock picture(s) behind password.

Other Java-applets

I also have another Java-page, where is some utils and games I have made.

(*) Only limit I put in use of these applets is that they have to be used only in private and non-profit homepages. You are not allowed to modify actual programcode, use it in your own projects or distibute it forward in any form.

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