Java applets

Note that all these applets are at least 5 years old. Some of these programs may just be too fast with todays computers :-)

All these applets are tested and working correctly at least with Win95/Netscape 4, Linux/Netscape 4, WinXP/Opera 9 and Linux/Firefox 1.5. Generally all applets should work with any browser that supports Java.


Colors Color-square. Move mouse over square to see RGB-values of current point. Click mouse to change RGB-display type.
WildLines "Screen saver"
DancingLines Much more better version of WildLines (only idea is same, actual code is totally rewritten). Smoother colors, nicer curving move of lines, speedlimit for fast computer, much more system friendly.
Plant Growing plants which compete their living space.
BinaryClock Current time in binary-format. Top line represent hours, middle line represent minutes and bottom line represent seconds.
Fireworks Name already tells everything...


Calendar Calendar for years 1900-2099.
JLife Game of Life. Mathematical "game" where cells follow some simple rules.
Mandeli Program that draw Mandelbrot-fractal. You can zoom any position by clicking mouse on it.
Mandeli+ Same as before, but more system friendly, faster, better zooming, shows coordinates, different color sets etc..
WorldClock Time on various places on earth.


Mine Minesweeper. Explore areas by clicking mouse on it. Press (almost) any key on keyboard to mark mines. Numbers represent total # of mines on all areas around that number.
Worm One player basic-wormgame. Try to eat blue and green boxes as fast as you can. And try to stay alive as long as possible.
Area One player game against computer. Your goal is to conquer larger area than your opponent does. This is much more funnier and tactical than it first feel like.
NumberPuzzle Classic puzzle where you have to put numbers to correct order.
TicTac Tick-tack-toe (noughts and crosses). Does this need any explanations?-)
ColorMatch Warning! This is only for real html- and/or graphic-gurus! Originally this "game" was just one inside-joke, but I decided to put it on this page anyway. This isn't actually even a game. All what you have to do is to guess hexadecimal value of random color which applet shows. To make it easier, you may use only webcolors :-)

Removed games

Javello, BoardCleaner, LightsOn, JBrain, Cannons, Memory are removed from this page because I sold those games to Jippii (Fin)

However, if you want to play those games you can just go to their com-site game-page to play them.

Free Java-applets

I also have another Java-page, where you can download applets and use them on your own webpage.

All Java-applets on this page are copyrighted by Pasi Laaksonen. Do not copy, modify or use them on any other webpage!

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