Desktop backgrounds

This page contains some pictures that can be used as computer desktop backgrounds. All pictured are made from my own photographs. For this page I have selected that kind of images that have empty space on left side so there is room for desktop icons.

All images are available in two sizes, 1024*768 and 800*600, that are most common screen resolutions. For best image quality, you should use that size of image which is closest to your screen resolution. Images are in Portable Network Graphics (.png) format that use lossless compression. This format is supported for background images by many new operating systems.

Images have small title and copyright texts at the bottom of them but in most operating systems those texts will be hidden under taskbar that is normally located in bottom of screen. So in normal use those texts wont be visible.

Short instructions for using images: Choose image from this page, click link of preferred size and wait until image is fully loaded to your browser. Then right click on image and check if popup-menu contains some option that can be used to set image as desktop background directly. (Usually something like "Use image as desktop background", "Set as wallpaper", "Set as background"...)   If menu doesn't contain that sort of item, then save image on your computer and set is as background manually from desktop settings.

Flower fly

1024*768 (967 kB)
800*600 (563 kB)
  Cloudy winter day
Helsinki, Finland

(Mirror image of original photograph)

1024*768 (1.292 kB)
800*600 (771 kB)

1024*768 (745 kB)
800*600 (407 kB)
  Sunny winter day
Helsinki, Finland

(Mirror image of original photograph)

1024*768 (1.142 kB)
800*600 (670 kB)
Snow leopard
Korkeasaari zoo, Finland

1024*768 (1.205 kB)
800*600 (706 kB)

1024*768 (633 kB)
800*600 (335 kB)
Iitti, Finland

1024*768 (1.384 kB)
800*600 (859 kB)
  Half moon

1024*768 (231 kB)
800*600 (121 kB)

Note! Using these images to any other purposes than personal computer desktop background is prohibited! Full page map Copyright © Pasi Laaksonen