www.tiikoni.net... What that "tiikoni" means? Tiikoni is finnish word for tigon, which is a hybrid cat, offspring of male tiger and female lion. Tigons are sometimes also called tions, tigrons or tiglons. Offspring of male lion and female tiger is called liger.

Shortly about tigons

Tigons are usually smaller than their parents. Unusually for hybrid animals, tigons, especially females, are often fertile.

Tigons are really rare. It's even hard to find any good pictures of tigons. They are rarely born in zoos accidentally (tigers and lions have been kept in same area) or in purpose for some reason. Possibility that tigons would born in the wild is practically 0, mostly because that tigers and lions do not live in same geographical areas.

My first Finnish Wikipedia article I ever wrote was page Tiikoni :-)

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