Ice sculpture photographs - 2005

Photographs from one national and two international ice sculpture competitions held in Korkeasaari at January 2005. General theme of all three competitions were Ice on the Island Rocks. Height of sculptures in all competitions were about 2 meters (about 6,5 feets).

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Finnish national competition

22nd-23rd of January. Total 12 teams were in this competition.

Sulavaa siritystä Sulavaa siritystä

Marika Törmikoski (Varkaus)
Marika Honkanen (Varkaus)

Best by jury and my own favourite too.
Kosinta Kosinta

Anssi Kuosa (Helsinki)
Markku Oksanen (Helsinki)

Best by audience.
Minulle myös Minulle myös (For me too)

Riitta Matikainen (Joroinen)
Seppo Matikainen (Joroinen)
Hunajainen Hunajainen (Bee life)

Timo Koivisto (Porvoo)
Jussi Miettinen (Kuopio)

(This sculpture was already somewhat melted before taking this photo. Another wing is broken and second wing isn't in original shape.)
Syksy Syksy (Autumn)

Kimmo Frosti (Lappenranta)
Juha Ahonen (Lahti)

(There is another sculpture on back left ("Noste" by Antti Kares & Anne Koponen) but is is not very well viewed from this angle.)


25th and 27th of January. 15 teams were in this competition.

A day before winter A day before winter

Christine Aubert (France)
Nadia Teles (France)

Best by jury.
Hunter Hunter

Vladimir Kuraev (Russia)
Alexey Dyakov (Russia)

Best by audience. This really is beautiful, all those details (feathers etc).
Lohi Lohi

Bernd Hansen (Germany)
Joáo Malheiro (Portugal)

This is another one I liked.
Mother nature Mother nature

Egor Sleptsov (Russia)
Alexey Andreev (Russia)
Rock master Rock master

Michael Kaloki (Kenya)
Peter Walala (Kenya)
Love Love

Denitsa Moneva (Bulgaria)
Lora Dimova (Bulgaria)
Tet-a-tet Tet-a-tet

Rashid Sagadeev (Russia)
Tatiana Sagadeeva (Russia)
The mexican shied The mexican shied

Eduardo Miranda (Mexico)
Edgar Rojano (Mexico)
Muuttomatkalla Muuttomatkalla

Kimmo Frosti (Finland)
Juha Ahonen (Finland)


29th-30th of January. Main competition of week, total 18 teams were making sculptures.

Antant Antant

Antti Kares (Finland)
Antti Pedrozo (Finland)

Best by jury.
Vaarallista kauneutta Vaarallista kauneutta

Kimmo Frosti (Finland)
Juha Ahonen (Finland)

Best by audience and my favourite too.
Sky and earth Sky and earth

Egor Sleptsov (Russia)
Alexey Andreev (Russia)

Lovely details! :-)
Up and down Up and down

Michael Kaloki (Kenya)
Peter Walala (Kenya)
My talisman My talisman

Rashid Sagadeev (Russia)
Tatiana Sagadeeva (Russia)
Seepferd Seepferd

Bernd Hansen(Germany)
Joáo Malheiro (Portugal)
Silent Silent

Denitsa Moneva (Bulgaria)
Lora Dimova (Bulgaria)
Clear? Clear?

Conny den Brave (Netherlands)
Zigmunds Vilnis (Latvia)
The four seasons in the Lapland The four seasons in the Lapland

Alli Forstedt (Sweden)
Maria Kumpula (Sweden)
The aztec eagle The aztec eagle

Eduardo Miranda (Mexico)
Edgar Rojano (Mexico)
Then they were gone Then they were gone

Steve Lester (USA)
Liudmila Lester (Russia)

Full points of this 3D-2D idea :-)
Holiday (Zebra's) Holiday

Nora Löbe (Germany)
Nina Löbe (Germany)

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