Geocaching is kind of a modern treasure hunt. All you need is a handheld GPS receiver. GPS receiver knows its own location on earth, in best cases with few meters accuracy. Therefore also person using device knows his location. People hide caches around the world (usually plastic boxes containing at least a log book), write down location of cache, publish it in internet and other people can try to find those caches. Most well known site about this is

Travel Bugs of objects with tracking code attached to them. People leave these to caches, other people pick them up and leave them to some other caches. This way bugs travels around. Picking up and leaving travel bugs are logged to some website, like This way owner and other people too can follow where travel bug have been and where it currently is.

The Three Cats

The Three Cats are three travel bugs: Small toy Jaguar, Tiger and Lion. Each have their own tracking code. I'm just about to release these travel bugs and hopefully they travel far away. Additionally I hope that people who find one of these three, would take a photograph of travel bug with any real animals in same photo. These three have lived home their whole life so they are eager to see other animals :-)

(If you find of these travelers and take photo of them, you can upload images to homepage of each traveler, links below. This page is just additional information page of these three cats. If you take a photo, remember that it would be good if tracking code number attached to bug isn't visible in photo.)

    Jaguar - Smartest one, leader of these three. Love to sneak behind others and spook them.

Jaguar left home at 22.6.2008

Travel bug homepage at

    Tiger - Strongest yet kindest of all three. He still have some work to do with his happy face.

Tiger left home at 22.6.2008

Travel bug homepage at

    Lion - Acts like a king of the animals but is a bit shy. Left home few days after others.

Lion left home at 25.6.2008.

Travel bug homepage at


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