JavaLife help - Game of Life


  • Making selection

  • Deleting selection


    JavaLife have its own clipboard which doesn't affect to system clipboard any way (because Java is unable to do that). Before using cut or copy, you have to have selection made.

  • Cut   [Ctrl]+[X]

  • Copy   [Ctrl]+[C]

  • Paste   [Ctrl]+[V]


    Click colored buttons, Edit, View, Evolution, Rules, Mutations, Graphics and IO to display corresponding submenus.

    Menu - Edit

  • Clear   [Shift]+[C]

  • Fill   [Shift]+[F]

  • X% random   [Shift]+[R]

  • LMB

  • RMB

  • Centralize

    Menu - View

  • Zoom in   [+] or [Page Up]

  • Zoom out   [-] or [Page Down]

  • Full view   [*] or [End]

  • Zoom to fit   [/] or [Home]

  • Scrolling (keyboard only) ([Shift]+) [Numpad]/[Arrows]

    Menu - Evolution

    This is the menu that is first visible when you start JavaLife-applet.

  • Start   [Space]

  • 1 gen forward   [Enter]

  • X gens forward

  • Go to gen X

  • Speed

  • Stop   [Space]

    Menu - Rules

    From this menu you can change Game of Life -rules.

  • Birth

  • Survival

  • Set do default

    Menu - Mutations

    Mutations aren't very common part of Game of Life (programs). But if you want some random factors to your world, here you can do it.

  • X% possibility that living cell dies

  • X% possibility that dead cell comes alive

  • Set to 0

    Menu - Graphics

  • Grid   [G]

  • World color

  • Cells color

    Menu - IO

    Applets are not able to load or save data to harddisks but from this menu you can import and export simple life-files.

  • Import '.life'   [I]

  • Export '.life'   [E]


    Info-bar is at the bottom of applet, showing useful information.

  • Gen

  • Pop

  • Max

  • Rules

  • Grid

  • Zoom

  • Coordinates

  • Focus

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