I've been doing games since I was about 10 years old. At that time games were made with Commodore 64 Basic and "distributed" by making copies to friends and sharing them from hand to hand, mostly at school. My Amiga time shareware programs (here) got some dozens of registerations. Oh, I wish I'd have tools like internet or app stores at that time :-D   Things have changed and nowadays games I've made have a bit larger user bases.

My LinkedIn page: Pasi Laaksonen


Working with multiple new challenges, mostly with Unity. More about these coming up later.


I was working as lead game developer at Namida.

Previously I was using mostly Java and I was also making lot of Java applets when they were still widely used. After that I was working mostly on server sides of the multiplayer games, while clients are made using other languages. For example I have done most of games in Aapeli (Fin). Playforia is international version of Aapeli, translated to over 10 languages.

After this long period of working with Aapeli gaming community, my work and focus turned more to Unity, C# and mobile games.

More about few game projects I've been working with:


History of my computer related work places.

Namida (Playforia, Apaja)

This company was started in 2001 by three people, me and two of my friends. Name of the company have changed from Apaja to Playforia, and then from Playforia to Namida. First, at 2001, we made company web pages, but soon started making our own international gaming site, after that we moved to Facebook games and mobile games. People been coming and going and I've changed from JavaScript and Java to Unity and C# so it doesn't feel much like being in same place for this long. So many things have happened and changed over the years.

Jippii (Saunalahti)

Mostly making Java-games. "Pasiworld" was one of my best achievements. The name wasn't my idea :-)   Pasiworld was online gaming world where people can chat and challenge other people to play games with them. Especially Minigolf and Pool were huge successes. Jippii's Square of Fortune, Drawing Game, Trivia, single player Minigolf and lots of other single player games were made by me too. I also made server side programs to all my multiplayer games. I only did coding, graphics of these games were done by other people.

Some changes were been made to games after I left Jippii, like name was changed to Jippii Games and added nickname registeration. Other than that, not much changes were made to games. Nowadays Jippii websites and games no longer exists. But I still randomly get mail from people asking where they could find Jippii Minigolf. Too bad I can't help, but I'm really glad I managed to do such game that people remember.

I didn't do only games but some other Java-programs too. Like Mobile Phone Ringtone Editor, including converter to change midi files to form that Nokia mobile phones accept. This was time back then when you couldn't simply use any mp3 as ringtone :-)   And lots of other stuff. Some HTML, PHP and MySQL too.

Reactive Media

I made all kind of things here. Small Java-applets, JavaScripts, Perl-scripts (form-handlers, mailing lists, intra), HTML etc. This was just evening job since I was still studying computer science in University of Helsinki. Full page map Copyright © Pasi Laaksonen