PicShow simply creates slideshow of pictures to your webpage.

When applet is started it will load all pictures to memory and then start showing pictures. You can change pictures, delays etc by changing parameters.

Pictures doesn't need to be same size or same file format. At least jpg- and gif-pictures works. However, pictures should be in same directory where PicShow-applet is located.


Required parameters
Name Possible values Description
NumberOfPictures Number
(Positive integer)
Defines how many pictures you want to show.
Picture_1 Filename First picture-file.
Additional parameters
Name Possible values Description
Filename X. picture-file.
AppletBgColor Hex RGB-color Applet background color.
TextColor Hex RGB-color Text color.
FontName String
("Arial", "Serif", "Courier"...)
Name of the font used to print 'Text'. All systems doesn't support all fonts, so it's better to use some common font.
FontSize Number
(Positive integer)
Font size.
Text String Text which you want to be on screen while applet is loading pictures and while repeatdelay (see below).
PictureSize "Actual", "Full" or "Fit" This defines how pictures will be drawn on screen. "Actual" means that pictures will be drawn on screen with their actual size. If applet is smaller than picture(s), then part of picture will not be visible. "Full" means that picture is always scaled to fill whole applet. Picture may lose its aspect ratio. "Fit" is default choice and it will make picture to fit in applet without losing pictures aspect ratio.
PictureDelay Number
(Positive integer)
Defines how many milliseconds every picture will stay on screen.
RepeatDelay Number
(Positive integer)
After all picture have been on screen, this defines how many milliseconds applet will be wait before it start showing pictures again.
PingPong (Anything) Normally pictures are viewed from first picture to last and then again from first to last etc. With PingPong pictures are viewed from first to last, then back from last to first, then repeatdelay etc.


Example applet running Example applet HTML-code
Your browser can't run Java! <APPLET CODE="PicShow.class" WIDTH=100 HEIGHT=158>
<PARAM NAME="TextColor" VALUE="000000">
<PARAM NAME="FontName" VALUE="Serif">
<PARAM NAME="FontSize" VALUE="24">
<PARAM NAME="Text" VALUE="Tree">
<PARAM NAME="NumberOfPictures" VALUE="7">
<PARAM NAME="Picture_1" VALUE="April-11.jpg">
<PARAM NAME="Picture_2" VALUE="May-21.jpg">
<PARAM NAME="Picture_3" VALUE="June-2.jpg">
<PARAM NAME="Picture_4" VALUE="July-3.jpg">
<PARAM NAME="Picture_5" VALUE="September-16.jpg">
<PARAM NAME="Picture_6" VALUE="October-9.jpg">
<PARAM NAME="Picture_7" VALUE="February-23.jpg">
<PARAM NAME="PictureDelay" VALUE="2000">
<PARAM NAME="RepeatDelay" VALUE="4000">
Your browser can't run Java!


PicShow.class (6.659 bytes)

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