Applet-pages help

Every Java-applet have it's own page where is description about applet, then list of parameters, examples and download-part.


Parameter list is divided in two parts, "Required parameters" and "Additional parameters". When you use applet, you have to give required parameters to make applet working correctly. Then you can add additional parameters as much as needed to make applet work like you want.

Every parameter have own line in parameter list which tells name of parameter, possible values and description about what that paramater does. For example, many applets have this line in parameter list:

Name Possible values Description
AppletBgColor Hex RGB-color Applet background color.

It means that if your add line "<PARAM NAME="AppletBgColor" VALUE="FFFFFF">" between applet-tags, applet background color will be white.

Note! Parameter name (like "AppletBgColor" in previous example) is case sensitive!

To keep programfiles small, applets doesn't do parameter checking very much. So it's easy to get mystical errors or make applets work weirdly by giving wrong kind of parameters or leaving required parameters away. But with correct parameters they work fine. (Anyway, you can't broke anything by giving wrong parameter, you just get error. So feel free to try different parameters.)


All applets have at least one example running on page so you can easily see/try how it works and what applet does. First example have also applet's html-code next to it, so you can just copy&paste that code to your own webpage source code. After that just add/remove/change parameters as you like.

Every applet have size defines in applet-tag. You can freely change applet width and height if you want. Some applets work differently when they are running in different sized area.

Every applet also have line which says "Your browser can't run Java!". This text will be displayed on screen instead of applet if browser can't run Java-applets. You can of course change that text to anything you want.


You can download applet by cliking link below "Download"-title. Some browser start downloading automatically, some browsers ask do you want to open or save file (save it!)   In some browsers you have to hold shift-button down while clicking link and in some browser you have to use right mouse button to click link and select "Save Link As..." from menu.

After downloading file, you should now have applet program-file (filename have ".class" at the end of it) on your harddisk. Just copy that file to your homepage directory where you want to use applet.

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