Shaking-applet displays given text on screen and makes it letters to shake randomly. Shaking text will be also displayed in browser status bar when mouse is moved over applet.

Applet will automatically fit all letters in applet area.


Required parameters
Name Possible values Description
Text String Text you want to be shaking.
Additional parameters
Name Possible values Description
FontName String
("Arial", "Serif", "Courier"...)
Name of the font used to print 'Text'. All systems doesn't support all fonts, so it's better to use some common font.
FontSize Number
(Positive integer)
Font size.
AppletBgColor Hex RGB-color Applet background color.
TextColor Hex RGB-color Text color.
SlideColor Hex RGB-color If you define slide-color, then first letter of 'Text' is drawn with normal textcolor, last letter is drawn with slidecolor and all other letters between these will be sliding from first color to last color. (See examples below.)
Force Number
(Positive integer)
Defines how much text is shaking. Bigger value makes text to shake more, 0 means that text isn't shaking at all.
Delay Number
(Positive integer)
Defines how many milliseconds program wait until next shake. Value 1 (1 millisecond=1/1000 second) makes text to shake really fast, 1000 will make text to move only after each second.


Example applet running Example applet HTML-code
Your browser can't run Java! <APPLET CODE="Shaking.class" WIDTH=300 HEIGHT=60>
<PARAM NAME="AppletBgColor" VALUE="C0C0C0">
<PARAM NAME="TextColor" VALUE="000000">
<PARAM NAME="Text" VALUE="Shaking">
<PARAM NAME="FontName" VALUE="Serif">
<PARAM NAME="FontSize" VALUE="36">
Your browser can't run Java!

Another example

Your browser can't run Java!


Shaking.class (4.959 bytes)

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