This Java-applet simulates dot matrix text scrollers. It simply scroll given text from right to left.

Note that vertical size (height) of this applet should always be 35.


Required parameters
Name Possible values Description
Text String Text you want to scroll. Since all characters are coded pixel by pixel to this applet, there's limited characterset which you can use. You can use letters (ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ), numbers (0123456789), space and following characters: .!?:/-@()   All other charcaters will be changed to spaces.
Additional parameters
Name Possible values Description
Color "Red", "Green", "Blue",
"Yellow" or "White"
Basic color set. Green is default. You can use following 4 parameters to specify colors one by one. (If you use all following 4 parameters, there's no point to use this parameter at all.)
BgColor Hex RGB-color Background color.
BorderColor Hex RGB-color Borderline color.
DotOffColor Hex RGB-color Color of dot which is "off".
DotOnColor Hex RGB-color Color of dot which is "on".
Empty Number
(Positive integer)
Specify how many spaces (empty characters) will be added before applet start to scroll text again.
Delay Number
(Positive integer)
Defines how many milliseconds applet will wait until text moves forward. Smaller value make text scrolling faster.


Example applet running Example applet HTML-code
Your browser can't run Java! <APPLET CODE="DotMatrix.class" WIDTH=203 HEIGHT=35>
<PARAM NAME="Text" VALUE="Hello World!">
<PARAM NAME="Empty" VALUE="10">
<PARAM NAME="Delay" VALUE="40">
Your browser can't run Java!


DotMatrix.class (16.548 bytes)

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