Applet can't get very much simplier, but the fact is that there's never clock nearby when you should know time. With this applet you can add clock on your own webpage. Applet will display current time also in browser's status bar.


Required parameters
Additional parameters
Name Possible values Description
AppletBgColor Hex RGB-color Applet background color.
TextColor Hex RGB-color Text color.
OutlineColor Hex RGB-color Text outline color. If you do not give 'OutlineColor'-parameter, applet wont draw text outline at all. Note that outline might get messy with small fontsize, better to use it only with big fontsize. (See outline examples below.)
FontName String
("Arial", "Serif", "Courier"...)
Name of the font used to print 'Text'. All systems doesn't support all fonts, so it's better to use some common font.
FontSize Number
(Positive integer)
Font size.
HourMinSeparator Character Character between hours and minutes. Normally ':'
MinSecSeparator Character Character between minutes and seconds. Normally '.'
NoSeconds (Anything) Only hours and minutes will be displayed.
NoStatusBar (Anything) Time will be displayed on status bar only when mouse is over applet.


Example applet running Example applet HTML-code
Your browser can't run Java! <APPLET CODE="Clock.class" WIDTH=170 HEIGHT=60>
<PARAM NAME="AppletBgColor" VALUE="C0C0C0">
<PARAM NAME="TextColor" VALUE="000000">
<PARAM NAME="FontName" VALUE="Serif">
<PARAM NAME="FontSize" VALUE="36">
Your browser can't run Java!

Outline examples

Your browser can't run Java! Your browser can't run Java!


Clock.class (5.087 bytes)

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